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About Datalogics

Datalogics, Incorporated, an Adobe Portfolio Company, has dedicated over 45 years to delivering high quality software technologies and services to meet the most demanding customer needs. Datalogics is a comprehensive source for Adobe eBook and PDF developer technologies, including the Adobe PDF Library, Datalogics PDF Java Toolkit, Adobe Normalizer, Adobe Content Server and Adobe Reader Mobile SDK. Datalogics is a member of the International Digital Publishing Forum (IDPF) and the Readium Foundation, and is on the board of the PDF Association. Datalogics uses SafeNet Luna SA hardware security modules for the digital signing of pdf files made from its PDF Java Toolkit.



Luna SA HSMs securely store and protect the cryptographic keys used by Datalogics for digital signing.


United States
North America

Integrated Application(s):

    Datalogics PDF Java Toolkit: Digital Signatures and Luna SA HSM
    The Datalogics PDF Java Toolkit is a Java language SDK that allows developers to add PDF file creation and processing to their Java applications. Digitally signed PDF documents provide a way for users to demonstrate that a document is unadulterated and authentic. The PDF Java Toolkit integrates with the SafeNet Luna SA hardware security module (HSM) to securely apply digital signatures to PDF files. Ensuring a document has not been altered after it is signed is important to developers; Luna SA HSMs reassure users of a document’s authenticity by securely storing and protecting the cryptographic keys used in authenticating, signing and encrypting the digital files.

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