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MongoDB Encryption Solutions

Organizations are capturing more data than ever before as sensors from connected devices, mobile applications, and social media platforms produce significant amounts of data about our world. From this data, organizations can glean insights to produce greater value for customers ultimately driving operations and profits.

In response, organizations such as MongoDB have developed new technologies to organize and handle this data load when traditional solutions fall short. Yet, because these vast data volumes contain significant amounts of sensitive data, security solutions need to be able to keep pace with the rate of data growth.

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MongoDB data security from Gemalto

Encryption is a fundamental security tool that can secure sensitive data in MongoDB databases. Encrypting data mitigates threats posed by hackers and privileged users while also addressing their compliance obligations.

By attaching security directly to the data itself, it stays safe wherever it travels – from on-premises to the cloud.

Protect your files, folders and shares transparently

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SafeNet ProtectFile is an easy to deploy, versatile file-system level solution for MongoDB database encryption. As a client based solution that operates at the OS level, customers can define which file, folder or network share path should receive encryption. It doesn’t require changes to applications, infrastructure or operations letting users operate normally without any changes to their experience.

Built-in policy-based access controls restrict access to encrypted data to mitigate the risks posed by privileged users such as database or cloud administrators while giving authorized users access and query the data they need.

As more customers look to use MongoDB in the cloud, they can take advantage of SafeNet ProtectFile’s cloud agnostic architecture which lets it work in any cloud.

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Centralized encryption key management

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MongoDB offers native encryption for recent versions of its database. Though MongoDB's approach addresses basic security and compliance concerns, best practice dictates that encryption keys be moved off of the database and onto an enterprise key manager.

Using SafeNet KeySecure improves security by making it easier. SafeNet KeySecure consolidates all of MongoDB’s encryption keys in one location and adds access control functionality that gives organizations a very fine level of control.

Beyond managing MongoDB's encryption keys, SafeNet KeySecure consolidates keys from the entire SafeNet Data Protection portfolio as well as an entire ecosystem of third-party vendors.

Learn more about SafeNet KeySecure
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Make MongoDB security look like child's play

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