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NoSQL Security Solutions

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NoSQL databases play an integral role in organizing and analyzing the vast quantities of data that organizations are collecting in their efforts to create new, meaningful value. Their ability to handle structured and unstructured data — possible across commodity hardware — in a horizontally scalable infrastructure make them an efficient, cost-effective tool to handle the ever changing demands of the era of big data.

However, the disadvantage of having so much valuable data in one place is that it becomes a very attractive target for anyone looking to do harm (e.g. hackers, disgruntled administrators). It is not uncommon for NoSQL administrators to set up their database in a "trusted environment" where only trusted machines have access to database ports. Unfortunately, in the connected internet age, that often isn’t enough.

In the era of big data, organizations need to take big steps in implementing and managing security in order to protect themselves against everything from NoSQL injection attacks to privileged insider risk.

Protection for the most popular NoSQL environments

So how do you approach NoSQL security? Where do you start? As a leader in the encryption and key management field, Gemalto can help you tailor a comprehensive security suite for your organization capable of protecting data in one or several of today's leading NoSQL database providers. 

Gemalto's SafeNet data protection solutions for NoSQL:

Protect your files, folders and shares transparently

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SafeNet ProtectFile transparently protects both structured and unstructured data in NoSQL databases without requiring changes to applications or database structures.

Policy based access controls (with the option to store those policies locally) adds an additional layer of security to ensure that data is only available to authorized users and processes.

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Why You’ll Love Our NoSQL Security:

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Gemalto's portfolio of SafeNet data protection solutions address the challenges organizations face in securing sensitive structured data in their NoSQL databases.

SafeNet Solutions Offer:

  • Secure data anywhere in its flow from creation to storage with strong encryption and tokenization
  • Scalable, flexible solutions to grow as your needs do
  • Avoid adversely impacting business operations or compliance with industry regulations
  • Centralized key and policy administration

In short, with SafeNet data protection solutions organizations don't have to sacrifice security to take advantage of big data.

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