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AppViewX - Certificate Management & Automation

About AppViewX Inc.

AppViewX CERT+, an enterprise key & certificate life cycle management solution providing automated discovery, enrollment, monitoring, validation, expiry notification, provisioning, remediation, reporting and revocation of SSL/TLS certificates across networks including app servers, web servers, ADCs, proxies, firewalls, client and mobile devices. CERT+ helps enterprise IT manage and automate the entire lifecycle of their internal and external PKI.

AppViewX AUTOMATION+ provides an application-centric automation enabling teams to automate, orchestrate and monitor critical business services, enhance visibility, quick troubleshooting, reduce time to deploy and improve operational efficiency with multi-vendor out-of-the-box integrations, dashboards, alerts, and reports.

AppViewX customers include a significant number of Fortune 500 companies which use the AppViewX Platform at scale.

AppViewX is headquartered in Seattle with offices in the U.S., U.K., and India.


Thales and AppViewX deliver a seamless integration allowing for assurance protection of HTTPS key which are highly sought-after by cyber criminals. The integration with CERT+ ensures that all TLS/SSL keys are secured with the power of SafeNet HSMs to perform cryptographic operations no matter where applications and infrastructures reside – from on-premise to the cloud. Enterprises can now meet stringent audit, regulatory, and FIPS 140-2 compliance, while delivering agile infrastructure management and automation.

AppViewX - Certificate Management & Automation

500 Yale Avenue North, Suite 100
Seattle, WA 98109
United States
North America
Main Phone: +1 (206) 207 7541
Fax:+1 (201) 829 9777

Integrated Application(s):

    AppViewX CERT+ with Thales HSMs

    Digital certificates are the face of your enterprise's online identity. Given the high level of security associated with PKI technology, the need for digital certificates is only going to increase. This will inevitably leave enterprises with an abundance of private keys to safeguard, and without an efficient mechanism to safeguard them with. With manual key management deemed insecure and ineffective, the need for an industry-grade HSM becomes necessary.

    Using the AppViewX and Thales joint solution, enterprises can apply the visibility and security that their private keys and certificates demand, all while maintaining the agility and compliance needed to answer to rapidly changing business needs.

    By leveraging the combined capabilities of AppViewX and Thales, customers gain the ability to perform end-to-end certificate operations and private key security control from a single platform. While the AppViewX CERT+ platform simplifies the process of manipulating, renewing, revoking, and provisioning the overlying certificates on their respective endpoints, it works in tandem with the Thales on-premises SafeNet Luna HSM or SafeNet Data Protection on-Demand (DPoD) cloud-based HSM services to secure the underlying private keys with industry-grade encryption. without having to invest in the hardware and maintenance required by physical, on-prem HSMs.

    Resources and Additional Information

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    Certificate Management with AppViewX and Thales Data Protection on Demand Solution Brief

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