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Arius Technology: EFT Payments with SafeNet

About Arius Technology

Arius strives to provide high quality design, development and implementation of modern payment solutions based on payment cards, mobile and Internet technologies. Arius has already adjusted its software products for sale according to Software as a Service (SaaS) principle and implements latest state of the art solutions. All their software solutions are based on IBM’s software platform, and with their valuable partners, they provide end-to-end solutions. SafeNet ProtectServer integrates with Arius Technology Asoft to provide users with secure storage of encryption keys for EFT payments.


By integrating with SafeNet ProtectServer, Arius technology is able to offer a powerful solution for secure electronic funds transfers (EFT) and payments.

Arius Technology: EFT Payments with SafeNet

Via San Gottardo 10
Lugano , 6900
Main Phone: +41 58 307 04 00
Fax:+41 58 307 04 30

Integrated Application(s):

    Arius Technology Asoft: EFT Payments with ProtectServer
    SafeNet ProtectServer, a hardware security module (HSM), provides secure storage and a dedicated cryptographic processor to deliver high-speed processing for cryptographic operations and fast transactions. When ProtectServer is integrated with Arius Technology’s Asoft, users, retailers, and financial organizations are provided with a high-performance and secure electronic funds transfer (EFT) payment solution.

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