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Ceedo: Virtual Desktop Infrastructure with SafeNet

About Ceedo

Ceedo is a leading developer of enterprise-class solutions aimed at solving challenges confronted by IT departments and their end users. Their solutions are based on their proprietary run-time virtualization technology. In particular, their Ceedo Enterprise solution provides a virtual desktop infrastructure that allows organizations to deliver corporate-managed applications “sandboxed” in preconfigured workspaces that can be mounted on portable devices.

Ceedo Enterprise and SafeNet Authentication Client integrate together to create a secure virtual desktop infrastructure solution.


Portable devices equipped with Ceedo Enterprise can be plugged into any PC and used to launch a zero-install plug-'n'-play environment that can be centrally managed for content updates and granular user-rights policies. Ceedo Enterprise's virtual runtime environment is equipped with an internal encryption mechanism and is completely sandboxed from the host OS. Additionally, Ceedo Enterprise allows IT administrators to enforce intricate user-rights for accessing data and resources, such as local drives and printers.

SafeNet’s Authentication Client works with Ceedo Enterprise to provide secure authentication that proves user identification before users are able to access to these data and resource devices.

Ceedo: Virtual Desktop Infrastructure with SafeNet

21 Cohen Maguri 10/22
Netanya, 4246273
Main Phone: 972-7-322-322-00

Integrated Application(s):

    Ceedo Enterprise: Virtual Desktop Infrastructure with SafeNet Authentication Client
    SafeNet’s Authentication Client is desktop software that manages SafeNet's eToken and iKey certificate-based authenticators. Together with Ceedo Enterprise, SafeNet Authentication Client provides an extra layer of two-factor authentication to Ceedo Enterprise environments that positively identifies users before allowing them access to encrypted data in files and on disks.

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